Your Food is Your Medicine-Anti Aging Benefits

“Let Your Food Be Your Medicine”

“Let your medicine be your food”….I hope you know the rest. If not, it might interest you to look at what really makes your body feel healthy and vibrant.
  My good health is not completely due to my plant based lifestyle 🙂 I supplement too. And I am even more discerning about what’s in them!
I research  what’s in them, how they’re made and what it does in my body.
This isn’t a fad. This has been my lifestyle for over thirty years.
It’s taken a while to weed through all the misinformation and to test what works. I don’t like the word anti aging, because
I believe more in preventing premature or advanced aging. This has been my experience as so much of the repair and disease reversal in my body happened through how I changed my style of eating.
There are so many myths and even more bs stories to trick you into being part of a culture that has been taught to believe what the “experts “ say.  Who are the experts?
This is a really important question to ask if you want to know the validity of the information.
Who paid for the study or the information you’re reading?
 It’s easy to listen to what your body is telling you, once you get past the fear and stories that have been instilled in you.
It’s easy once you learn how, it’s getting past the conditioning you’ve been listening to all these years is the hurdle to get over first
If you only ever live in one community, or only ever have the same job or same circle of friends- you are a product of your environment. In oder to know the truth, you have to always be challenging what you have been believing. Otherwise, you may get stuck in a pattern that no longer serves you.
  As I healed my body from a critical diagnosis, my circle of influence changed.  That was a side effect of the lifestyle changes I was experiencing and has become one of the most precious gifts I still value still today.
I used to think people in families and different cultures, that people looked the same because of the food they eat.
It’s true to a degree. It has more to do with the emotional attachment to the food that forms the way you look, live, act.
Even personality traits.
As I travelled the world as a therapist, studying yoga and learning about people and their trauma, I started to see the patterns. You become who you think you are, and you look how you feel. Hmmmm.
Make food a ritual of health, healing and beauty.
Balinese culture is so beautiful, their medicine is Jamu. I studied with my yoga teacher in Bali over several years.
Their whole culture is based on ritual. On several occasions at the breakfast buffet at hotels, we had the pleasure of being asked by a Jamu Lady (Balinese medicine woman), what we were treating? She would then choose a particular concoction, made from roots and herbs that were specific to the ailment and male or female.
How beautiful to start your day this way.
If you change your patterns, your habits, you will change. You’ll look and feel different too.
What you are eating, and the ritual that goes into preparing, serving and consuming your food effects you.
If you are having an argument while preparing food, you won’t enjoy the food as much.
Make a point of observing the way in which you prepare your food, make it a holy act.
Create a beautiful environment, have fun, observe what you’re talking about when you’re doing this.
A huge observation was made when people started to use bread making machines at home.
How come it didn’t taste like homemade bread? I grew up with a mother and grandmother who made our bread.
Once mom bought the bread machine, the consumption of bread went down.
The difference? I believe is the human touch.
Throughout the years of raising my family, we bought our bread.
When restructuring my life through my health, we did the elimination process. remove the item from
your intake for a week and then reintroduce it. Observe what you notice over the following week.
Bread was one of the items at the top of the list. We didn’t have bread for years.
Then we discovered artisan sourdough. We are doing bread again. There are many ways you can be tricked into
eating food that isn’t good for your gut or your overall well being. Bread is one of them.
So many people don’t realize how they’re sacrificing their health and quality of life because they think they have to give up something that really isn’t good for them.
If the bread you eat is perfectly smooth and no holes, that’s an indicator it may not be good for you because of the fillers
it has in it to make it perfect.  Sourdough is a perfect example, expect holes. Sourdough bought in bog box stores is generally not the same as artisan, small store crafted.  Reading the ingredients might not give you the true picture of what’s in it.
True artisanal sourdough is crafted from only 2 ingredients, Flour and water.
It uses natural yeast present in the flour to rise.
Once you are using your body to test if food is for or against you, you’ll be able to tell the difference between authentic and manufactured food.  It’s the additives that make your joints hurt, mess with your blood sugar, give you gas and bloat you.

I read the label of “everything” that I put in my shopping cart. I also spend way less on groceries because of it.
At home the ingredients are simple and the spices that I work with, do most of the heavy lifting.I intentionally have chosen each of the spices in my cupboard for their healing benefits first, secondly for flavour.
Many spices used to be more valuable than gold.
Cinnamon for example, I put it in so many dishes, it’s not always detected and it’s so good for you

  • circulation, digestion, your skin
  • helps support blood sugar
  • protect against heart disease
  • reduces inflammation
  • anti aging properties

Here is a list of my most used spices/herbs I couldn’t be without:

  • ginger – fresh or powder
  • garlic – I only use fresh or frozen
  • cumin
  • himalayan salt
  • fennel
  • curry- red or green
  • turmeric
  • smokey paprika
  • chipolte
  • masala
There’s always a theme to our meals. I’ll ask hubby what does he ‘feel’ like having for a meal and then I set out to craft it, usually creating it together.
My life is much more enriched with this new perspective on what and how I eat.
One of our favorite travel hobbies is spice markets.  We have had great adventures in food and experiencing other cultures
by exploring spice markets around the world.
The fragrance of those spices remind us of the places we’ve been and makes the food taste even better.
Have you experienced altering changes in your life because of food? I’d love to hear your story.

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