Your Beliefs Determine How You Look

Your Emotions Control Your Appearance

 Your body responds to your passion for life with a chemical reaction.   How you look, shows how you feel about what’s happened to you in your life- your beliefs literally determine how you look.
Discover the deeper meaning to how you’ve come to look the way you do, like I did.

Many are astounded that I can tell them so much about their life by reading their face.  
Your face is like your autobiography. It tells the story of how you feel about what has happened to you.
How you look is a side effect of your emotional responses.
This has nothing to do with how beautiful you think you look.
I’m referring to how how you respond to the world around you and how it shapes you, physically. 
Your cellular memory plays a huge role in how you feel about your life and is directly connected to what drives you towards your purpose.
Can I ask you-  “How are you driving your vehicle?”
The vehicle that carries you through life, your body. Are you driving a Porsche, …or a Mac Truck? 

Or, are you driving your Porsche like a Mac truck?
This is an excellent question to ponder.

This very question intrigued me enough to dive into studying the body of work I called my life.
I’ve learned different interfaces that taught me about why my life and body looks the way they do.
This was triggered by a really uncomfortable, even painful time in my life.

  We can get so impatient with life because of all the expectations put on us from the beginning of our life, that we forse who we are. Who we’ve been told we’re supposed to be, becomes so deeply ingrained in your personality, your language, how you move your body, your sense of style even.
“Be a good daughter/son, a good student, an amazing mom/dad”…you get the picture. So you go out into the world and set out to be all your awesomeness in your career, you drive a great car, have a gorgeous house- in the best or right neighborhood, go to the gym to have the beautiful body, shop at the best stores..find your perfect soulmate who completes you.
And this will fill you up…you’ll have everything you could ask for, or will you?

How do the demands of your everyday life make you feel?
There are some stressors that go along with keeping up with all of that, isn’t there?
When you think about your average day right now….how does it feel?
Getting in the car to go to work formed habits that affected my behavior and health thirty years later.
I used to drive 30 minutes from my small town to a large city where I would spend
another 45 minutes weaving through heavy traffic.  In the years that I became a single mom of two,
my emotional behavior behind the wheel escalated to raging.
I was blind to understanding this shift and behavior in myself because of my own self judgement and shame. 
I was in survival mode and stressed for years. With everything on my plate I never allowed myself any down time.
The accumulation of those raging chemicals caused years of pain

According to Lifeway research

  81% of N Americans believe that everyone’s life has a bigger purpose

Up from 2011 when only 68% wondered about what their purpose was.
If you are not religiously affiliated or inclined your opinion is lowered to 37%
So what does that say to you? It really speaks to how our environment affects our beliefs.
In 2011 North America was coming out of a housing and market crash.
The last couple years of isolation changed how we see our world.
There’s also a tremendous amounts of data and research that says
Having a sense of purpose also helps you to live longer too.

When you were growing up, society had all the controls in place to make you be like everyone else.
If you didn’t do, act, walk or talk like your school mates or siblings, you were likely an outcast.
The weird one.
You might even have been tricked into believing that you wanted to be like everyone else too!
It robbed you of being able to have & express your original thoughts….. to be who you were uniquely designed to be.
An artist, a lover of nature, a gifted creator, a voice.
You were raised to conform, to be a good worker, a mom, a wife, a giver… and all those roles have so much merit and value,
but who are you!?
Who are you underneath all the labels you wear?

If that stirs something in you- that’s a good sign. What I’ve seen as a therapist for over a decade of meeting women at their crossroads, is that they are doing what they’ve been told do, and they’re struggling to be who they were born to be. Their own unique Self that’s buried underneath all the conditioning.

Every piece of information in your brain has an emotion attached to it.
When your brain is taking in new information, so is your body.
It builds up like pressure, and if it isn’t released, well imagine what that can look like.
Imagine a tire on your car. If it gets too much air, it’s going to blow!
All your discomforts and disease can be explained by understanding the emotions you hold in your body.
If you’re taking in information that you’re not in sync with, you’re not processing it.
In my experience, the question isn’t ‘if’ it’ll happen, it’s ‘when’.
What story do you tell about who you are?

We take in information through all our senses. Sight, smell, taste, tactile, if you’re sensitive to fragrance, sound…someone else’ loud or annoying voice. Others ideas you don’t agree with but feel you have to listen to. Body odours always get to me, what about you?
Every piece of information you take in, the brain holds onto it. Add all the bits of digital information that surrounds us and integrates into our world.
The stress you feel while talking to someone while they’re scrolling is real.

4 billion video views happening daily just on fb
500 million users watch Facebook videos for 100 million hours a day-over 65% from their phone
How many times do you check your phone a day?

Just saying…

Information is coming from inside you too- this where the intersection of body-mind meets. Whats going on in your inner world is effected by or caused by what’s happening in your outer world. The other side of this is where these two disconnect.
That’s where most people are and don’t realize because the stress has become such a massive piece of our everyday life.
If your information is from the outside world and it isn’t processed, you become more disconnected from your body, from who you really are.
My experience as a teacher of a body mind process for over 10 years is that most people if they feel they have a purpose, it’s false,
False because it’s based on what they’ve been conditioned to believe who they are,.
And there;

There’s nothing wrong with with any of the hats you wear.  Just saying, no judgements here- but if you are feeling empty and unfulfilled and are dealing with dis ease, discomfort, dysfunction- these are indications of being out of alignment with who you’re meant to be.
Everything looks great from the outside. The house the car, the spouse, the shoes, the bags…on the inside it’s a completely different story,

What’s really important for you to understand- that self judgement and sabotage that goes along with wearing all the hats you wear, is not the truth of who you are either.
Your struggle is from conditioning around you from the beginning of your life and beyond.
The study of epigenetics can be traced back 14 generations!!
The conditioning and even the ugly experiences are meant to serve you. To guide you to become a greater version than who you’ve been. To empower you through the wisdom and empathy you learn through the challenges.
Many get stuck in a loop that’s meant to propel you forward-This is not your fault.

Have you had enough of hearing “how easy it is to “Just tap into your subconscious and change your thinking, it’ll change your life”?
It’s not that easy!
We are not all designed to be able to tap into it.
How we access it is different for everyone. Especially if you’ve experienced trauma. This isn’t making an excuse. Once you know, you know. There is always a work around, another way. It may mean you have more work than the next, which isn’t always a downside. In fact that may have many gifts the others that don’t have to work so hard may never experience.
You have a unique interface that is in your DNA. You’ve heard of it, many talk about their genetics, yet
don’t really understand how this works in your life.
Everything that happens to you that is connected to an emotion affects you. and shapes you.
Because of the path I took to heal my body, I ended up studying these interfaces and teaching programs to
help others understand how they’ve come to be in the shape they’re in.