You Are Not Your DNA

Premature Aging is an Emotional Issue

How You Feed Your Mind Shapes Your Body and your life.

I recently read that a butterfly has different DNA from the caterpillar it transformed from.
Isn’t that astounding!
Scientists also found that the butterfly retains some of it’s memories from it’s caterpillar days. We really are like a butterfly, or is the butterfly like us?
Holding onto the past, even though it was a lifetime ago.
Scientists have also determined that the stages of metamorphosis for the butterfly are likely very painful, can you relate?
You can change your DNA!
This is no longer a theory, the science is in.
Your DNA can be transformed, just like you.

 If you’ve ever come through an emotionally charged experience, you might agree that it changed you on some level…
that you feel different.
Whether you’ve had a positive healing experience or a negatively charged one, you will have shifted at a cellular level.
Underneath the lens of a microscope even, you are changed.
Further, your emotions live on in your cellular memory.
Your emotions form how you look, feel and respond to your environment and those around you.
How you look has more to do with how you interact and respond to your environment than what has been passed down through the family tree.

Scientists have determined that the low figure of 3% is a more accurate amount
of genetically transferred disease.
I recently attended a health summit with mostly medical doctors from different fields of specialization.
It’s wonderful to see medical professionals acknowledging the role emotions play in health and healing.

It’s hope for people who may believe

they are a victim to their life and circumstances due to genetics.
If you’ve experienced trauma from external sources, physical, verbal or emotional, this is proof
that you can heal on a cellular level. 

You can no longer use genetics as an excuse for taking a back seat to your life.
Even if the gene pool you come from has challenges, these are opportunities to learn from.

You are not a prisoner to your DNA.

Why would you want to change your DNA?
If at any time you struggle with:
– physical or emotional issues
– patterns that hold you in abusive relationships
– feeling successful
– body image issues
– self confidence or self doubt
– judgment of self or others 
The process to shift your thinking and actions creates a healing effect that can be measured at a cellular level. Bringing consciousness can change your life.

Every thought you have, has an emotion attached to it.

That’s pretty profound isn’t it. You also look how you feel.
This unique relationship you have between your thoughts and your emotions creates
a chemical reaction in your body that involves your flesh and bones and internal organs.
You are one big chemical experiment.


I’m not a medical professional.
My expertise comes from over a decade of teaching practitioners how
to understand the origin of psychosomatic disease. I’m a master at reading bodies.
One of my main classrooms to learn about the body mind connection has been in the yoga studio,
not in a clinic.
I believe there is much in this world that affects us, that is unseen.
Oxygen, gravity and thoughts, judgment, hatred and the people we spend time with.
Becoming conscious of who and what you share your environment with, is a big first step to health and healing.

Emotional Baggage Prematurely Ages You

Emotional baggage prematurely ages you. Your body may be working to defend
you for possibly years before it shows up.
The illness or disorders that “run in the family” may be the very thing that cause you to resemble
your family, (what’s familiar).
All families have patterns in them. From food to language to beliefs.
What are the patterns in your family? Who do you most look like or relate to?
There are so many clues in there.  What are you dealing with in your life. The clues are in the patterns.
Many will hold onto painful patterns because it’s what is familiar, even it’s less painful to adopt a new one.
Releasing deeply buried emotions frees you from dis ease, dysfunctional behavior, unhealthy relationships and more.

Three Types Emotional Release

Having an Emotional Release may cause you to experience:
– reversal of  physical ailments
– looking and feeling younger
– signs of premature aging disappearing
– unexplained feelings of joy followed by laughter
– renewed interest in life

You can release emotions buried in the body that don’t require a therapist.

#1 Making lifestyle choices dedicated to your personal self care like regular exercise, regular enjoyment like
dancing and laughing. The people you spend time with influence your thoughts, behaviors and emotions.
Create boundaries and value your down time. Actually, there is a lot of prevention in these choices.
Guard your health and make it a priority.  Sleep, water and rest are essential and under rated.

#2 Educate yourself on ways to improve your quality of life.
Become aware of  what or who, triggers negative emotions.
This isn’t avoidance, this is a good self care practice. Search out people who make good choices.
Look for different cultural activities that involve good music, dancing, yoga.
Moving the body is one of the best methods to
self release. Shake it off and pump yourself full of beneficial  and healing hormones.
Spend time in nature observing the fresh
oxygen, the sounds and smells, especially if you live in the city.
I’m a city girl although I haven’t lived in one for several decades. I didn’t realize how it exhausted me
till I lived in the country for a year after marrying my husband.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the city, I chose peace and quiet for my health.
Where ever you live, there will be challenges. I live far away and that’s not always convenient.
Find your happy place to exist in a noisy world.

#3 Experience Emotional Release with a trained therapist/practitioner.
I suggest all three methods to create a healthy existence and to experience balance in a busy world.
A trained professional will guide you to a release you cannot achieve on your own.
Whoever said it must have known “You can only go as far as you know how to go”.
Most importantly, they know what to do.

I have been present at the training of hundreds practitioners
certifying in emotional release. It has been profound to be an observer and a recipient of Emotional Release.
It has changed how I look at the world, even how I look.
I often say that I no longer look like my family, although what is more accurate is that I changed my patterns.
I have changed my biology and the proof is in the mirror every day.

View my own before and after pics for a good example. 
 I carried emotional baggage for most of my life and didn’t realize that it was so damaging to my body and my spirit.
It prematurely aged me and
literally made me sick.

Learn more about emotional release and letting go of emotional baggage by clicking the above link.