What’s Causing Your Hair Loss Might Surprise You

What’s causing your hair loss might surprise you.

   The very thing you love about your products, the rich bubbly lather, is an ingredient that causes your hair to dry and eventually break off
and even cause hair loss. Sodium Laurel Sulfate, SLS
Look on the label of your shampoo, body lotions, tooth paste, bath products, detergents. It dries out your skin and hair, and irritates skin.
It’s been deemed safe in small amounts but what about the accumulative amount?
What if it’s in most of your products?
What are sulphates?
Sodium Laurel Sulphate, SLS, are a group of mineral salts that can have a natural or human-made origin. They come from fatty alcohols made from palm kernel oil or petroleum oil sources. The fatty alcohols mix with sulfur trioxide and sodium carbonate to form sulfate compounds. They bind to oil, fat, grease, and dirt, removing them from the surface. Sulfates produce a lather, which is why they’re ingredients in shampoo and soap. Ever tried a ‘natural” shampoo. We don’t like them because they don’t lather. It’s not the lather that cleanses the hair. It’s the negative and posative charge of ions in the ingredients. When these conditions are present, the dirts, oils & everyday debris in hair are attracted the opposite ionic charge and it’s the action of the water pulling through the hair that actually cleanses the hair.
Sulfate is a broad group of mineral salts found in many places, so it’s hard to avoid. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
have said that sodium compounds like SLS and SLES are considered safe at low levels. However, it can affect your skin and your gastrointestinal tract
can have reactions to the sulfate compounds and the mineral salts.

It might be in your drinking water

Read the ingredients label.
This can help you identify if the product has one of these compounds. You might benefit from switching to new products, since different skin care products could help reduce your skin irritation.
I am hopeful as I found this one of the biggest challenges in label reading. Finding products without SLS. I have been finding more and more SLS Free products.
I’ve been making my own body care products for years without it.
Hair loss may come from illness and with age, but it doesn’t have to.
Supplement.  Especially with Amino Acids which are the building blocks of protein, intake of good quality water, atleast half your weight in ounces a day.
My own experience has been that these strategies work.
I supplemented with amino acids through my twenties and thirties. I was in the gym a lot and following some of the weight lifting practices.
I believe this is one of the main reasons I have very few bad hair days.
I am often asked about what I use on my hair.
The answer has more to do with what I put in my body.  The health of your hair is a reflection of your health.