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Unlocking Awareness

I am “in practice” every day. Applying awareness always works with intuition. I consciously observe, whether it’s running errands, networking, or working with clients. Observing consciously is what reminds me to be in my body. When I’m not in my body I’m:
– multi-tasking (even if I think I’m doing it well)
– driving too fast
– skip lunch or eat supper too late
– talking over others to get my message across
– go to bed late then hit the snooze button too many times
You get the picture. Can you relate to any of these? Becoming mindful, or conscious is also a higher level of accepting responsibility for your self care. Doing this removes the feeling of randomness and gives you control over what your day looks like. Freedom through discipline seems counterintuitive and it works. Personal freedom and Self Mastery are partners in your evolution. Having control comes from taking charge by making decisions then following through with action.
It has only been this last couple years that I took charge of the sleep issue in my life. I now realize how much adversity I created for myself by staying up too late, then having to get up early and running on an empty tank for years.
It affected my clarity, created emotional behavior and stress. Fight and flight response were in control for most of my life. That was shocking to realize that, and easy to continue holding the new pattern that is helping to heal my brain.
Do you knowingly stay up late when you have meetings or events the next day? Do you find yourself making excuses for being late or cancelling when it all goes back to the fact that you hit the snooze too many times?
Change it today and it’ll change your life.
You’ll function at a higher level all day long allowing you to serve clients authentically because you have a full tank. You’ll have more enthusiasm and joy in every moment.

Lorrel Elian
Client Attraction Queen

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