The Secrets Hidden in Your Birth Numbers

There’s a secret formula in your birth date that holds the key to your life purpose.
It’s a powerful tool I’ve been using in all areas of my life for many tears.
The insights that the secrets in birth numbers gives me, tell me so much about people, before I even meet them, I can’t imagine life without them.
As a therapist and a mentor, I use the information I learn from a client’s birth date  to understand how clients are to work with. It helps me to see insights that generally aren’t discussed especially in first meetings. Often times your birth numbers reveal idiosynchrocies you don’t see in yourself. This may relates to temprament and habits.
I’ll understand behaviour traits and energy blocks which allow me a heads up approach to communication and successful processing as a therapist.
Because of the magical insights from birth numbers, I have learned how to be more effective in communicating with my own children and spouse.
Hands down, I’ve grown as a person and have come to know myself at a deeper level.
I use it as a guidance system for releasing trauma and understanding my body.

We’re building our second home, and again we’re using mathematical principles found in numerology, sacred geometry and feng shui in the design.
The address of our house has such significance and impact in our lives it’s been a tremendous life lesson in manifesting and personal growth.
We purchased this lot based on a land location. A year later when we started building we were given a street address. I had such an ominous sense of wondering because of the huge manifesting energy in the numbers. I said to Larry, “I think we better prepare for a big ride.  I think this might be good for manifesting,  but I think there are going to be a lot of lessons and growth coming our way.”
No truer statement could sum this up. That’s also a whole other mystical story of challenge, adventure and growth. It is fair to say that we have been growing into our house. If you’ve heard of the 369 Manifesting System, you’ll understand what I’m referring to as my house number is 639.
As I write this blog, we still haven’t moved in. The twists and turns have been surprising, stressful and at times some of the greatest challenges we as a couple have faced.  The growth has made us stronger and we’re learning to soften our we’ve gotta work hard attitude.

Come on a journey with me to discover your inner world through your birthdate.
I’ll share from my own experience of teaching self healing processes for over a decade and integrating numerology into every day life awareness and body awareness.
Everything I do in my life is from quantum awareness of body, mind and soul. Numerology has been my passport to travel and have amazing experiences.
I invite you to discover a new path through

If you aren’t familiar with numerology…

If you’re new to numerology, understanding how and where numerology originated  from, will give it more context. There is a lot of information around it and  because of it being so ancient,  much has been  lost, burned or buried.
Birth numbers are still used in many cultures and have been, since the beginning of time.  There are many different ways to work with the numbers, and even though numerology is misunderstood by many, it is a science.
It’s been used as a divination tool because of it’s accuracy and I believe that’s one of the reasons some are skeptical and think it as a superstitious.  It’s such a powerful tool, considered too powerful for average person that in some cultures, it was kept from the people. Classical feng shui is the same. It has been used to rule empires. Another reason it has been kept from the people.

With continued use and study of  numerology, I marvel at the accuracy of the information that can be sourced from one’s moment of birth.
It’s a common belief  that God created the universe with numbers and quantum science is proving this to be true.

I had been studying the emotional and psychological effects of color when I attended a class on color therapy and frequency healing.
The instructor was an interesting woman who was also a mathematics professor.
I thought it was unusual that a mathematician would teach color therapy, today I understand why.
Everything in our world is frequency. If color is frequency, then numbers are the code.
I’ve heard it said that if you understand math, you’ll do better in life in general because you become a better problem solver.
I’m a right brain creative.   If you’re like me, do you avoid anything to do with numbers?
Everything in my world was color, visual not analytical..
Because I avoided numbers, I wasn’t interested in classical feng shui either. All the theory and calculating.  Although when Betty described the master she was bringing in to teach this ancient wisdom , I signed up right away.


Lily lived in San Fransisco and was a professor of geography at SFU.
As young girl living in China, her father brought home a feng shui master to change the family’s destiny.  It’s a long story of how the family’s fortune had been lost and how the master was able to restore it, nonetheless it’s a true story.
Their misfortune was connected to the grandparents having been buried in location that was unfortunate based on their birth charts.
It affected the following generations wealth.
In the training, I spent my first three days discovering a deeper side of myself.
Each of us have a side of our personality that we’re aware of,  although we don’t really acknowledge it. I marvelled at how my inner world was being revealed to me through this system and how the teacher could talk to me as though she’d known me my whole life..
It was totally intriguing to me that this was also something you could learn
to do for yourself.
Feng Shui was previously only a powerful tool used by Emperors and the very wealthy in China. It was kept secret so only those with the knowledge of it could use its power.
This was my first official introduction to working with energy on a tangible level.


I started to understand the challenges in my relationships and how I could use the wisdom in my chart, to make more empowered choices. I now had an inside track for making correct career decisions and most importantly what not to do.
What I have observed from working with people as a therapist, is that they are often unaware that they have unique and special qualities, that if they tapped into that, they would find more fulfilment in life.
It might be a quality in their personality that leads them to become more bold or exercise an area of their creativity they didn’t think was anything special.
Better career choices for greater success in life in general.
What if you knew who was a better choice for a partner in love or business?
Equally as important would be to know who isn’t for you.
Twenty years later I am still fascinated with how the information in your birth chart parallels your life.  My obsession with human dynamics lead me to other fields of study that I have integrated into readings and the work I do today with body mind connection.

The significance of  birthdates and numerology intrigued antiquity

It’s a science that Pythagoras of Samos (born circa 569 BC in Samos, Ionia and died circa 475 BC) has been accredited with being the first mathematician, but Euclid had already written two theorem by 300 BC.

It’s a science that explains our DNA  and how we function on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. If you open yourself up to discovering how it works in your life, it will help you to understand yourself at a deeper level and reveal your life purpose.
Although Pythagoras is generally attributed with the discovery of numerology, there is proof that Euclid already new of it and had proven two treatises on it 1000 years previous. Archeological findings from earlier than Euclid’s time are also surfacing.

There are several systems of working with birth numbers and birth charts. Many show you how to work with your personality traits. Your strengths and weaknesses so you improve your choices and quality of life.
There are methods to determine your shadow side and how work on releasing trauma.
I’ve created a system that incorporates your past,present and future and another system that incorporates it into working with emotions in the body.

I invite you to learn how to decipher your birth numbers to open the door to discovering your soul’s purpose.  Click Here