The Magic of Mushrooms for Beauty

Did you know some mushrooms can make you look beautiful by nourishing your skin? I have long since marvelled at what we eat, is reflected in our health.
   Being healthy, eating clean, moving the body in regular exercise, is reflected through the condition of your largest organ, your skin.
 If you think about all the work your internal organs do to purify and convert food to energy, it makes sense to be conscious of what you’re feeding your body, agree?
       In our house mushrooms are a regular source of nutrition through cooking, tinctures and powders. We pick mushrooms in the summer and use chaga and reishi powders in our smoothies, and tinctures daily.
Mushrooms are also one of the ancient foods known in Chinese medicine.
They were included in the oldest surviving Chinese materia medica.
The Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing (Divine Farmer’s Classic of Materia Medica).
Many medicinal mushrooms, in particular the Tremella mushroom, was reserved
only for royalty and the wealthy.
They were used to help boost the immune system, reduce inflammation
and treat asthma and dry coughs.
Also best known for their role in skincare. During the Tang dynasty (618–907 CE) they got the nickname “fountain of youth” mushrooms.
Legend says that Yang Guifei (719–756), an imperial concubine considered one of the most beautiful women in Chinese history, attributed her everlasting beauty to Tremella mushrooms.
It’s said she used them regularly to maintain her youthful, supple skin and glowing complexion and was so beautiful that the emperor could not resist her.
I started using Tramella a few years back before I knew this history.
Because of the compounds in tremella, when taken in concentrated amounts, they’re known for reducing inflamation, balancing blood sugar and more…
Tremella mushrooms contain compounds that help fight disease by strengthening your immune system.
Beta-glucans, which are polysaccharides in tremella and other medicinal mushrooms, are immunostimulating. They help to boost the immune system by stimulating macrophage activity.
Macrophages are a type of white blood cell that kill bacteria and remove damaged tissue, keeping us healthy.
And, it’s not only the polysaccharides in tremella mushrooms that do this.
A 2014 study showed they also contain a protein that stimulates macrophage activity.
Recently I started incorporating Tremella into my natural botanical skincare formulations. I’m combining Tremella with some other exotic ingredients that hydrate and prevent sun damage Especially for mature skin.
I’m experimenting on some targeted areas,
I’ll keep you posted.
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