The Drive through made me a crazy lady...and fat.

Updated: May 12

What I love about social media in business is that it's forcing us to do what we've been asking for: Connection. People everywhere are craving connection, so I don't understand why the drive throughs,even the coffee houses, are so busy and no one's inside. The last time I went through a drive through was when our kids were in school. They've been gone from home for over 10 years. I remember that day really well too. It was cold out, waiting for the screen to talk to me was aggravating. I was so impatient and probably sounded rude to the person on the other side of the monitor. I don't recall what was going on with my day, I do remember feeling short-tempered. I placed my order, drove to the pick up window. What was taking them so long! It had been less than a minute! I said to hubby, 'How ridiculous, getting crazy because it's taking so long!" That day snapped me into a reality check for myself. If I want to be more human, I can make choices that keep me more real and connected. I have not been in a drive through since, promise. I didn't like how it made me act, think or talk. Next time you go to the drive-through, check in with yourself and see what's going on. Are you committing a mindless act of 'let's eat, just for the sake of eating?' See what comes up for you. Challenge yourself to actually walk in and see other people, maybe even talk to one or two? The drive-through is not usually a healthy choice and contributes to lack of body movement. I recently saw pictures of me at that time. I don't recognize that person I used to be. I'm different today, with a different attitude and a very different body. The only business I go to with a drive through is Starbucks. Every time I walk to the door, I remember why I'm doing it. The world doesn't need another crazy lady. Hubby occassionally suggests we order ahead for pick up, I still choose to get out of my car, and walk in for a human interactions. Drinking the coffee is only part of the experience for me. I love the smell of my long shot Americano brewing, and then the first sips of the crema. I want to pick it up before a cap is put on and the moment is not enjoyed. Traveling with a little cooler in case we need to have a snack or eat on the road saves us being stressed so often. No more drive through!

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