10 Proven Strategies to Grow your Business

Updated: May 12

Set yourself apart in a busy marketplace by adding more value through high quality service, and unique to you offerings.

So many industries are losing their edge on great service. The business space has become too casual and too 'self serve' which is great news for small & independent business owners. How many times in your day are you served by distracted employees, too busy engaged with each other or youtube videos on their phone?

I walked into the gas station to pay for the gas I just pumped. 3 employees behind the desk. All on their devices. The one taking my money didn't even look at me as his eyes went from device to cash register. I kept chatting them up to see if they would actually talk to me. They did. We had a pleasant conversation around phones at work. He said his employer didn't mind. I said "Really?" He's ok with paying you by the hour to be on your phone? He thought my generation was more hung up it. As a business owner, I don't know how many employers are really ok with hourly wage staff being on their phones while customers are self-serving. Then get to stand in line to pay, and watch staff on their phones. I walked into another gas station and the 4 staff were having a good laugh over some stupid videos. I actually had to wait for them to finish before they rang my order through. My point is, this doesn't just happen in gas stations! Look at the opportunities to give great customer service just by not being on your devices.

If you're the one on your device when you're with customers, here's a great opportunity to immediately, up your game. Give phenomenal service just by focusing on your client. Become known for the excellent service your customers receive. Over-deliver on the little things. Greetings, eye contact, thank you emails. If you're a practitioner, therapist or yoga teacher, I created a list of my favorite 10 strategies that I've used to create more connection and over deliver to happy customers.

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