You look how you feel


Your Face is the Autobiography
of Your Life

Your emotions determine how you look. Somatic Face Therapy is a gentle and profound process for healing stress related to trauma, What’s causing you to look older, sad, angry, bitter, even empty. Deeply buried trauma in your cellular memory, creates a lasting expression that no amount of day creme can change.
Somatic Face Therapy can change that.
Understand why you look the way you do.
Why do you look like your mother or father? Your emotional memories translate into the challenges you face in life.
Passing down of the family secrets is skin deep.
Your body remembers from previous generations, the physical and emotional pain of your ancestors.
Physiologically and energetically, what your body feels, your face expresses.
Somatic Face Therapy is a unique and beautiful tool for releasing the emotional baggage that comes from the trauma in your lineage, pain in your body and emotional scars, past & present.

SFT does more than reverse premature aging.
Releases emotional baggage on your inner and outer world.

Too much Mind


“You are what you think you are, all day long”
We all grow up feeling judged. It’s part of our conditioning. It’s consequential then, that when we look at others, we judge them too. Your self judgement is the voice you hear in your head all day long.
“I’m tired, I hate going to work”
“I’m stupid: old, fat, ugly, who could love me…”

What’s the voice in your head saying to you?

What the outside world sees on your face is a reflection of your inner emotional world.
Many don’t understand that how you feel, is how you look. Botox and fillers work if you want to go that route, it’s not everyone’s choice.
Doing your inner work, frees your mind and releases the mental emotional stress that is exhausting you and 
making you look old before your time.
The creation of Somatic Face Therapy came from my personal journey of healing the emotional and physical pain that I didn’t realize
was causing me to prematurely age.

I was stuck in unhealthy patterns and struggled until I discovered somatic therapies. I wasn’t looking for emotional help when I started. I was so disconnected from my body and emotions the thought was not in my scope of understanding.
My life had been controlled by others. I naively accepted others conditioning as my truth. As I entered my forties, I started the work of healing my life. I didn’t set out on a mission to discover my purpose or anything that seemed wise and mystical. My life was kind of a mess, it looked good from the outside. No one would ever guess I was in personal chaos.
As I worked on my health, it turned to a more spiritual path. Pain started to leave my body, my outward appearance started to change. I wouldn’t have noticed how much if it weren’t for the pictures that aren’t photoshopped or with filters.
I resolved painful relationships. I focused on the relationship I had with myself. I developed self care practices I wouldn’t have previously considered. The most impactful healing tools were the ones relating to body awareness and movement. I studied everything I could find and searched out teachers, coaches to dive deeper.
This fascinating new experiment I found myself in, opened me up to seeing myself and the world in a new way.
Beginning of my journey 2008

Ever see an old picture of someone you’ve known for years ago and marvel at how different they look today?Have you wondered why they look the way they do?
The picture you’re seeing is their life in a flash. Not just them, their traumatic and emotional moments and literally how life has left its mark on them.
When you look in the mirror, you see what I call ‘the going to work’. It’s how you see you in your best pose or putting on your make up, or your shaving face.
Looking good right!
As soon as you step away, the “going to work” face takes over. Or maybe it’s “I hate my job face, or I hate my life” face.
This is what I call your blind spot.
You don’t see, what everyone else sees.
You might think because you don’t talk about no one sees how miserable, sad, depressed you are. Unbeknownst to you, the conversation going on in your head all day long, is being shared with the outside world. Your outer expression, how you “flesh out”, is the result of what you’re feeling on the inside.
Your body is the gateway to understanding how you function: physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Every new day that you look in the mirror you see yourself for who you feel.
You don’t see the micro changes that are happening in your 20, 30 or 40 plus years.

Six months in

The long term results are that you look like the emotional response to your thoughts.
You literally look like how you feel about your life, past and present.

Do you believe in generational disease? Does disease run in your family? that your mom or dad because it’s in your DNA?
I believe disease gets passed down through the generations because of beliefs, behavior, choices in food, sounds, music and even the words you speak.
You’re programmable like a computer, in fact your brain is a super powerful processor you can reprogram yourself. Until you discover who you are, you are behaving like those who gave you the conditioning, in childhood and your adult life.

Somatic Face Therapy is not a skin care program.
It’s a process that changes your life
The inner work is a life long process

What people see on the outside
is not the truth of who you are.
You look the way
you feel on the inside.

Somatic Face Therapy

A Unique and gentle solution for trauma-based premature aging.

My metamorphosis to reclaim my soul


Your physical health shows
what shape your emotional health is in.
Stress or trauma you’ve been dealing with,
even since you were a child
is still with you.

Have you had to deal with some difficult situations, loss, anxiety?
These challenges from your life, happy, sad or otherwise, leaves their mark in you and on you.
How you feel about your life turns into how you look.

Your skin is your largest organ. You’ve likely heard that before.
Think of it as a filter, taking in through the various layers of whatever you’re exposed to. Pollution, what’s in the air including all the products you load up on it like house cleaners, fragrance and skincare.
Your skin is also a carrying case for all your internal organs eg:
heart, kidneys, liver, spleen etc and including:
-ligaments & tendons
-arteries and everything that flows through them
-lymphatic system
Now add all your thoughts, negative self talk and other
emotional baggage
Wonder why you look the way you do?





Somatic Face Therapy

You look
the way you think