What if you could read your client’s face?

What would their face tell you?
You would have an inside track to how they respond
How about connecting on a deeper level than competitors?

Client Attraction
Concepts that help you align with your clients to attract more. And more importantly, to stop repelling clients through negative body language messaging. A powerful tool for building business and confidence. Combine targeted business strategy based on your specific business requirements.
It’s like removing unseen barriers blocking your success.

Your Face says a lot about you…

Your face sends the message of how you feel
about what’s going on with you. Your nice smile actually doesn’t say much at all. It contributes to the ‘“mask”
you wear that only reveals what you think you’re hiding.
It’s deeper than what make-up can hide.
How you feel supported, your inability
to speak up for yourself can show up here.
Your face also shows what is going on with
the rest of your body.
The eyes may be the window to your soul,
your face reveals what’s going on a cellular level in your thoughts, your inner world.
Your body language is communicating those messages whether you realize it or not.

What lies
beneath your

Psychosomatic face reading
is all about you!
A skilled face reader will
be able to speak to
the truth of who you are
and reveal what you
think you keep hidden

Why read a face?

Reading a face tells you the truth of person, beyond what their words say.
When you first meet someone, you go through all the formalities of greetings, etc.
When you “read” a face you are going behind the scenes.
Past the smile, to the truth of who they are,
and how they feel about their life.

How Does BLC Help

A Blueprint

Personal Mastery
Builds Self Confidence
Understand Yourself & Others
Become a Better Communicator
Continue on your Healing Journey
Professional Skills
Grow Your Business
Training for Staff
Customer Service Skills

Having your face read is therapeutic

This unique method of self awareness is psychosomatic.
It’s supported by science and used by many medical and non medical therapists and practitioners.
It’s as old as the tradition of yoga, and backed by modern research & science.
Reading others, takes you on your own healing journey.
Have a Psychosomatic Face Reading
or Learn How to Read a Face