Lorrel Elian

Life Mastery Mentor

Client Attraction

For over 30 years as an entrepreneur, a teacher, and business coach – I have seen a gap for many business owners in the way they try to make money.

If you are an entrepreneur who has invested your money and a great portion of your life developing your craft, the most destructive thing you could be doing to promote your business is YOUR DELIVERY.

You may have the best intentions and yet when you try to promote your business… it turns into a pitch!

It feels awkward and it’s too salesy!

Now you’re thinking you might have to find something else to do to pay the bills.

  Don’t be one of the statistics and give up too soon! If you understand how to serve, rather than sell, you will attract your ideal client over and over again. There’s more to it than many will ever teach.

I want to make a difference with my unique blend of non-verbal messaging, strategy, and personal growth methods.

These teachings I’ve developed from my years as a business owner, teacher, and master therapist of body mind communication. I’ll show you how Client Attraction really works and how you can use it to attract more ideal clients and at the very least, stop repelling them! It’s real. Hop on one of my free info training or sign up for one of my Master Classes to learn more, and to put your body language messaging to work for you!

What is your Client Attraction Factor?

For over a decade, I’ve been teaching body language communication to therapists.

When I taught this strategy to entrepreneurs
::: They felt more confident :::
::: attracted more ideal clients :::
::: made more money :::

My method teaches you to understand the non-verbal messages that are working for, or against you. This 5-step process shows you how to identify your ideal client and how to attract them. Most importantly, you discover how you’re repelling new business opportunities through non-verbal messaging and patterns that disrupt the relationship and sales process.

These are some of the main reasons potential clients don’t resonate with what you’re selling and therefore don’t buy from you. If you start working with the Client Attraction process as a strategy in your business…
You Will Never Sell Again.

Lorrel Elian is Internationally Accredited & Verified Teacher of Psychosomatic Therapy
Creator of Blended Body Sculpting
Yoga Teacher 500 RYT