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You’re a busy entrepreneur!
You’ve been running on fumes for a while.
Your creativity, enthusiasm and body need a Recharge.

Create a deeper connection with those you serve,
by serving yourself first.

Refresh, Renew, & Rejuvenate!

Join Us on August 25, 2021 @ 7PM Eastern

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Did you know…

When you’re operating at optimum, so is your business.
Your ability to process, communicate and attract more ideal clients increases, too. It can be a slow downward spiral if your body and mind aren’t communicating, and then one day you take a look in the mirror and wonder who’s looking back at you.

I created Body Mind Business Retreat especially for YOU!

The entrepreneur on the go!
Take 2 hours that will impact you on all levels
Body, Mind & Business. 

I’m going!

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