You’re a busy entrepreneur!
You’ve been running on fumes for a while.
Your creativity, enthusiasm and body need a Recharge.

Create a deeper connection with those you serve,
by serving yourself first.

Wednesday August 25 7pm est Online Event


How many times have you said “If I knew then, what I know now…”? That’s true for my past careers. I would have taken better care of myself, Body, Mind & Business. Definitely in that order too. I thought I was ‘handling’ the stress. I didn’t have a clue, honestly! Too many entrepreneurs don’t realize how they’re negatively impacting their business and their quality of life, by putting their health & wellness on the back burner. It will cost you on so many levels if you don’t take care of yourself first.
How your business is performing is directly connected to how you are caring for the other areas of your life. Taking time to create an experience for yourself is even more important than doing it for your clients. In the Body Mind Business Retreat you will experience, maybe for the first time, a Body Mind Connection that infuses your business with new energy.

Did you know...

When you’re operating at optimum, so is your business.
Your ability to process, communicate and attract more ideal clients increases, too. It can be a slow downward spiral if your body and mind aren’t communicating. Then one day you look in the mirror and wonder who’s looking back at you.

I created Body Mind Business Retreat especially for YOU!

The entrepreneur on the go!
Take 2 hours that will impact you an all levels
Body, Mind & Spirit.,

I left my busy real estate career behind to heal my body & my life. Discovering all the strategies I could and then, been applying to my life. There are so many gifts I’m living today because I found a new way of being an entrepreneur.
My approach to business and my life are:
 Body, Mind then business.
Entrepreneurs that work with me in their business, find it such a relief to finally understand why they were previously struggling. 

Would it interest you to learn:
– how what’s effecting your productivity & creativity, is related to e stress 
– easy to apply strategies that increase your client base by taking care of yourself
– how to easily release stress to look and feel younger, healthier, happier more effective in your business?!
                                                         I hope you’re saying yes! 

Had enough of the treadmill… get up, get on the computer, eat at the computer, talk all day,
go to bed, get up and do it all over again?
That was my old life, I get it.
In the life I live today, I am healthier in my body and brain function than in my twenties.
I serve clients at a high level doing what I love, Body Mind & Business.
For the last decade I’ve been a retreat facilitator, teaching people to understand how they’ve come to be in the shape they’re in. Then showing them how to shift it!
The experiences have been phenomenal.
I want to share this with you too.
What an excellent opportunity the online technology offers us today that you could join
me for an online retreat experience.
Clients pay thousands to attend my live retreats and today you can attend because technology has made it so convenient.
Do this for you, for your loved ones and for the health and long life of your business.

See You There!

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