Your Beliefs Determine How You Look

When you’re so passionate about what it is that you do,you feel it in your body- even if you don’t recognize that.Your body responds with a chemical reaction.   How you […]

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You might already have a mindfulness practice or believe that you use mindfulness.
I want to help you crack your mindfulness code.
Without Mindfulness in your life, you will often fall victim to your own poor choices.
What’s worse, is what can happen from not having the awareness that mindfulness brings, and then feeling like life is random.
You may think life just happens and you don’t have a choice, that couldn’t be further from the truth.
When I think of ‘mindfulness’, I immediately think Body – Mind Connection.
What the mind thinks, the body responds to. What the body does, the mind observes, this is where and how your patterns are formed and what shapes your body.
This is where and how you transform your life.
It’s not something you think, then you manifest an awesome life and you get everything you want. When you become conscious of your thoughts, then put that into action.

Every thought has an emotion attached to it.  Your subconscious holds onto every thought. Isn’t that profound? 
It’s no wonder we have the challenges we have in life if we have no way of clearing all those thoughts.  
As a somatic practitioner for over a decade,
I believe your body is the activator, the tool for releasing those thoughts you no longer require. Those thoughts without a purpose are where your trauma come from and what
cause the dis – ease, dysfunction and emotional challenges that ruin your life.
Mindfulness, awareness, body – mind connection, are tools that you
constantly and repeatedly use. (more…)

Is it Mind-Body or Body-Mind

What’s the difference, does it matter?Mind Body or Body Mind-connection? “Most psychologists treat the mind as disembodied, a phenomenon with little or no connection to the physical body. Conversely, physicians […]

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