Your True Self

Life isn’t random…

Everything in your life,happens perfectly.
It might not feel like that at the time, but it is perfect.
There is a connection between what’s happening in your life to what is happening in your body. I call is the body mind intersection. It’s when your body can’t take anymore of innocent neglect or abuse from you and it intersects at a critical point. A point in in your life where, due to generational conditioning and/or trauma you’ve been carrying emotionally, your body is sending you loud signals to pay attention. It’s time to deeper work so you can finally live what here to do.
I know this to be true because I experienced the same crash that many do. It’s the path I used to heal my life and I’ve been teaching others to do the same for over a decade.
Ever wonder why you look the way you do?
Why your life looks the way it does? Do you have pain in your body that doesn’t seem to make sense?
Stop blaming yourself for wrong choices you’ve made and let go of regrets! It’s not your fault and actually there is no one to blame.
Here’s the good news! There is a method for you to use all the negative situations and pain as a roadmap to empower yourself. To fall madly in love with the work you do, your art and attract gorgeous people who lift you up.
Was life really meant to be like this, so much pain?
Actually it was. That’s my conclusion. I believe we’re meant to have these experiences to steer us in the direction of our brilliance. It’s the work required to uncover your real gift.

As I enter my sixth decade, my biggest take away is that we’re all a huge chemistry experiment.
You’re mixing with others’ chemistry and electromagnetic fields throughout your day, weaving in and out of triggers and emotions, which shape your experience and you!
You can learn what your chemistry is.
Use it to find:
-the best partners in business and love
-create the correct environment :home, office,
geographical location even the right bed
-the right conditions for emotional & physical health
-determine the correct career that you LOVE

I believe we are a soul in a magnificent vehicle that carries you through life.
Your vehicle deciphers the map you’re traveling on and sends you the correct directions through your body mind intersection. How you feel about journey create show you and your look. We source who we are through the conditioning we receive from those around us and our environment, past & present. Science has long since proved this that we carry our lineage’s experience in our DNA.
You’re not designed to be like others or even like your family! You’re meant to be you.
Your internal struggle to figure out who you are and what you’re supposed to be when you grow up is why:
– you don’t feel satisfied with life
– don’t feel like you fit in
– you question everything, even yourself

Understanding the chemistry of your inner world
is the key to understanding your outer world.

Navigate your inner world to master your life

I remembered thinking that there had be more.
I didn’t set out to be a teacher, or an expert of anything. I just wanted to fix the source of the unexplainable pain in my body, my relationships, and in my heart.
And so this is what happened…
For more than a decade I’ve been immersed in the science and application of human connection and human behaviour.
Your environment is a key factor in how you become who you are.
You are affected by everything around you:
People Sound Smell Color Food…

The geography around you affects you. If energetically, your neighbourhood or the building you live in, isn’t correct for you, there is much you can do to make it more aligned.
There is always a solution to correct your environment.
Do you know that how you move your body affects you. How you walk, how you move your limbs generates a wave of energy. You are a force of energy.
To not recognize that how your movement has an effect on your surroundings is being unconscious.
Hand and arm gestures generate energy and affect those close by.
If you’re not conscious of how you move your body, you are as unconscious of the potential.
The energy wave you is happening whether or not you’re aware of it.
It’s like gravity or oxygen, and whether or not you believe it doesn’t change that it is effecting you.
If you are oblivious to it is why you feel like life is randomly happening to you.
Why not harness this unseen force and use it to develop your intuition?

The correct environment allows you to be your most empowered:
– in all your decision making
– your relationships – which ones are right for you, more importantly which ones are not
– in business – find who your right fit clients are and why they’d hire you
– what physical & emotional environment is nurturing to you
The correct environment for you encourages: flexibility, mobility and even healing.
Discovering the correct environment starts with understanding your inner world.
Each of us is composed of a unique cellular formula. The moment you were born, the stars were aligned
in a specific order that makes you uniquely you. You are composed of stardust activated by a photon of light. There is no other being like you, that’s impossible. You may look like your family, that’s only because of the conditioning you experienced growing up. If you change your emotional responses, you’ll change how you look and eventually you won’t look like them, you’ll look like You!

Navigating your inner world means cleaning up the residue from your life’s trauma and drama so you can handle any situation.
There is no way to sugarcoat that mastering your life is deep work and it can be messy. I’ve heard students many times say they want to go deep. Then when the moment arrives, they’re not ready. “That doesn’t resonate for me”. Resistance to growth shows up.
What I used to think was hard, is now the easy stuff.
The drama I live without is my bliss.
Are you afraid you have to sacrifice something to get what you want?

There is a formula that is specific for you.
Once you discover it, you’ll never again make random choices about what’s right for you.
You’ll know the right places, people and environment that empower you. Most importantly, you’ll know what isn’t correct for you.

Let me show you how to be Your own perfect guide

My short story is that I had to start living differently.
My body hurt and they couldn’t find the source of the pain.
My relationships usually ended badly. I struggled with employers.
I’m smart, I’m creative and I always worked really hard.
I didn’t feel successful even if I was good at my job.
What was my problem? I used to wonder what was wrong with me.
Not understanding what I required from my environment put me in all the wrong places, with the wrong people.
Food even worked against me.
I eventually crashed.
Everything that’s happening in your life can be explained.
There’s a rhythm to your life that you’re meant to discover.
You’re not meant to suffer!

My mission is to show you how to:

  • become conscious of your ability to create your own reality
  • help you discover your correct environment for health and success
  • use your senses to guide you so you never have to feel helpless
  • gently remove trauma from your body to become your own healer
  • access your intuition to have open communication with your soul

I live in the heart of Canada with my husband Larry, of almost 30 years and our fur babies.
My side passions are:
– traveling to spiritual locations around the world to experience the mystical energy
-paddle boarding with Larry & pups
-teaching movement and yoga
-growing veggies & flowers on our organic land
-creating plant based gourmet food for family & friends