I have a Vision…

I’ve been given an opportunity, a second chance to live my life fully, with great health, and a new perspective.
I’ve learned invaluable skills I use every day that give me the energy and vitality to move my body and enjoy flexibility pain free that I didn’t have all my younger years. 

My Vision:
A world where women don’t buy into the lies about aging and how that affects their body and their health. That we become more beautiful and valuable with age because of our experiences.

I am proof that as we age our health can improve

My mission:
To serve women who are dedicated to their self empowerment and self care through their health and body wisdom. 

Can I share with you…

My Journey to Living a Healthy, Effervescent Life Wasn't Easy

Who ever said it knew this to be true,

“Life isn’t worth living if you don’t have your health”. 

This is one of the most valuable life lessons I’ve experienced. 

I’m really just a ….

paddle boarding, yoga loving, plant-based foodie

That pretty well sums me up but those who are close to me also know…

I love my man…

almost 30 years and we’re still loving life together.

We are committed  to consciously nourish our bodies and our minds to live with sustained health and tons of energy.

And Coco & Asia

are the loves of my life. Larry already knows.
I’m also mom to Chloe’ and Sydney.
They’ve long since moved away from home to follow their own life path.

Body Wisdom I’ve dedicated my life to teaching…

I call it ‘sacred’ because the messages your body is sending,
are your connection to your inner world, your soul.
I’m honored that I’ve been the guide for many as they make the sacred
connection to their inner world. 
I’m passionate about waking up people to the importance of the environment for the purpose of empowering their body, mind and spirit.