Lorrel Elian

Life Mastery Mentor

Self Mastery

Your True Self

I believe life isn’t random…

Everything that plays out in your life,happens perfectly. It might not feel like that at the time, but it is perfect.
Ever wonder why your life looks the way it does?
Are you in love with the work you do, are you passionate about your relationships?
Do you love your body?
Why can it be so hard just being you?
Was life really meant to be like this, so much pain? You’ve likely asked yourself the same and wondered who messed up?
As I enter my sixth decade, ( I’m amazed at that number too!), my realization through all is that we’re all a huge chemistry experiment.
We’re mixing with others chemistry throughout the moments of your day. Interacting with others triggers and emotions, which shape our experience.

I believe we are a soul in a skin suit. This is the vehicle that carries us through life. Our suit deciphers the experience we are having and our emotions are just data that are part of the chemical experience. We source who we are through the conditioning of the people and environment around us.
Generational trauma plays a bigger role in the control we have than karma does.
We have a greater say in what our life looks like. Understanding the chemistry experiment that we are is the key. When you understand your chemistry, you can become higher functioning and let go of the pain in your body and your life.
Your body is the vehicle that carries your soul through this human experience. It often takes a big crash to wake us up to the fullest potential we’re here to live. This was my experience.

My Journey hasn’t been easy…

I remembered thinking that there has to be more to life.

Navigate your inner world so you can handle any situation

Navigating your inner world means cleaning up the residue from your life’s trauma so you can handle any situation. There is no way to sugarcoat that mastering your life is deep work. Truth is many say they want to go deep but they’re not willing to do the personal work that’s involved.
What I used to think was hard, is now the easy stuff.

The drama I live without is my Bliss.
Do you think you have to sacrifice something in order to heal your body, your mind, your emotions? That’s your conditioning and how it’s tricked you into thinking you have to give up something in order to get the other. It’s not like that and until you experience it for yourself, you won’t believe it.

So don’t believe me, I challenge you, go and find out for yourself!
If you’re not working on yourself, that’s what’s preventing you from experiencing success,
body mind and soul.
For more than a decade I’ve been immersed in the science and application of human connection and human behaviour. I studied to understand myself, and to heal my physical & emotional pain.

I didn’t set out to be a teacher, or an expert of anything. I just wanted to fix the source of my pain which I couldn’t really explain, nor could Drs.
As my knowledge grew and certificates accumulated, I earned my masters in psychosomatics and became certified to teach emotional breakthrough processes to practitioners. My education over 30 years ago out of curiosity as a stylist in the beauty industry.
It was amazing to me how clients having a makeover could be triggered by color. It could be euphoric or traumatic for them. I was determined to figure out why this would happen.
I have had brilliant training in areas of physiology, color therapy, sound therapy, Fengshui.
I studied:
herbal medicine & natural remedies, aromatherapy, epigenetics, genealogy, psychosomatic therapy.
When I got to the body work is where I really started to experience shifts.
The results are that I am proof. You can change your DNA. You can reverse the aging process. You can replace the cells that no longer serve you, cells that are unhealthy, dying, deformed and replace them to create a new body, new brain…
a new You.

My short story is that I had to start living differently.
My body hurt and they couldn’t find the source of the pain, a couple times they found “other stuff”.
My relationships often ended badly. I struggled with employers.
I’m smart, I’m creative and I always worked really hard, I didn’t feel successful even if I was good at my job. What was my problem?
Lack of understanding what I required from my environment put me in all the wrong places, with the wrong people, food and incorrect thinking.
I eventually crashed. It often takes a huge event or a build up of pain to wake you up to what you need to do to correct it.
Everything that’s happening in your life can be explained.
The people in your life, even your pets, are here to work with you. Are you ready?
If you’re reading this, chances are this is your story too.
There is a rhythm to your life that you’re meant to discover.
You’re not meant to suffer! Yet so many do.
They don’t know there is another way.

My mission:

Show you how I released the emotional scars from
my environment and generational trauma
that rob you of your brain and body’s capacity
to live a meaningful fulfilling life
so you can reverse premature aging and cancel false dis ease claims
to live full of health & thrive like never before!

Have you struggled with:

– incorrect thinking :depression, forgetfulness, anger, addictions,confusion
– premature aging of your brain & body, look older than your years
– have unexplained pain in your body
– struggle in relationships, misunderstandings
You’re not alone. It’s a beautiful day when you see these incidents leaving your experience.
What you’ve been experiencing is the result of life. Not a short conversation but a most important one.

I live in the heart of Canada with my husband Larry, of 26 years and our furbabies.
My side passions are:
-paddle boarding with Larry & pups
-teaching yoga
-growing veggies & flowers on our organic farm