Lorrel Elian

Life Mastery Mentor

Self Mastery

Your True Self

I believe that life isn’t random…

…that everything that plays out in your everyday life, happens perfectly and can almost be predicted. Do you ever wonder why your life looks the way it does? Are you in love with the work you do, are you passionate about your relationships? Do you love your body?
I had so many questions because I was really struggling as a human being. Why was it so hard!
Was life really meant to be like this, so much pain? You’ve likely asked yourself the same and wondered who messed up?

Discovering your true self, and living life the way you were meant to live, is your soul journey. My experience on this planet as I enter my sixth decade, ( I’m amazed at that number. I didn’t think I’d still be here!), is that we are here to live our soul journey, which teaches us to be more human(e). Your body is the vehicle that carries your soul through this human experience, and that it often takes a good crash to wake us up to the fullest potential we’re here to live.
Disclaimer*. My perspective on life and death are not average, or the norm.

My Journey hasn’t been easy…

The short story is that I had to start living differently because my life was really sucking. My body hurt and they couldn’t find the source of the pain, a couple times they found “other stuff”.
My relationships often ended badly. I’ve had so many different jobs I’ve lost count. Every time I started a new job, I hoped this would be the one I’d love, and that never really happened.
I’m smart, I’m creative and I always worked really hard…what was my problem? I discovered there is a natural order in the universe and the moment you’re born you have a very specific design that works with all the natural forces. The moment you’re born, the stars literally line up in a special order that is unique to only you. Most people aren’t aware of it, many don’t care or don’t want to know. Your body carries the blueprint of your soul. Learning to read your blueprint is the journey to your soul’s purpose. Everything that’s happening in your life can be explained through your body. The people in your life, even your pets, are here to work with you. Are you ready?

I remembered thinking that there has to be more to life.

I teach soul discovery through self mastery. Navigate your inner world so you can handle any situation and relationship issue.

I teach soul discovery through self mastery. Learn how to navigate your inner world so you can handle any situation and relationship issue. Discover your soul’s blueprint, it’ll tell you the reason why you’re here.
If you’re not working on your self mastery, that’s what’s preventing you from experiencing true success, body,mind and soul.
I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 30 yrs,, the past decade she has been immersed in the science and application of human connection, through physiology, epigenetics and geneology and soul work. I’m always researching and challenging myself to be a better version of myself.

I incorporate the universal teachings in helping women find confidence so they feel authentic in their business.

I live in the heart of Canada with my husband Larry, of 26 years and our furbabies Coco & Asia.
Side passions are:
-paddle boarding with Larry & pups
-teaching yoga
-growing veggies & flowers on our organic farm

I was dubbed “Client Attraction Queen” for the unique communication methods I teach leaders and entrepreneurs. My mission is to help people get rid of their blind spots and get into their bodies.
I host “Aspiring to Inspiring” that showcases entrepreneurs and how they serve.