Lorrel Elian

Client Attraction Queen

Lorrel Elian

About Lorrel

I have been given an opportunity.

A second chance to live my life fully, with great health, and a new perspective.

My Journey to living a Dynamic life was not easy.

I was like everyone else. I would look in the mirror and observe what time, gravity and life, had done to my appearance. I thought that we all just had to make peace and accept premature aging and other imbalances that show up. I believed that it was natural to have sagging lines, puffiness, and discoloration. Emotionally, I was leading a disheveled personal life as I coped with a stressful career.

I remembered thinking that there has to be more in life. I decided to get myself to a better state of being. I sought out solutions to clean up my health. I discovered practices like Yoga, SOMATIC FACE THERAPY, Pilates, Massage, and learned about proper hydration, nutrition, and other strategies. The best I hoped for was just to feel better. I had no idea it would change how I feel and even more surprisingly, how I looked!

Check out this image… YES they are both me!
At a cellular level, I am a new improved version of myself.

Lorrel Elian has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years. Her journey included being an educator in the beauty industry. She had done work as a makeover artist which began a fascination with the psychology of how people perceive life and themselves. Lorrel would notice that someone getting a makeover for the first time would experience euphoria and then the second time they would be less happy because of their own personal judgment.

In her own journey, she experienced the stress of being everything to everyone else. She was a woman being pulled in many different directions where she lost sight of herself. Being unclear about her own needs and true essence, it was also unclear about who she should serve. Lorrel decided to explore this further and discovered psychosomatic therapy which is body language communication.

The experience helped her rediscover her vibrant inner soul. Sharing this with others became a passion that led her to train in alternative therapies like Color Energies, becoming a Feng Shui Practitioner, teaching Yoga with 500 CRT, achieving a Masters in Psychosomatic Therapies, and is a member of the International Psychosomatic Therapies Association where she is the VP for Canada.

Lorrel created MIND YOUR BUSINESS and became the “Queen of Client Attraction” as she developed these methods to serve leaders and entrepreneurs. Her mission is to help people obtain awareness by “getting into their bodies” and achieving the BODY mind connection. She is a Business Coach who works with all types of people in different levels of business. Lorrel is the host of “Aspiring to Inspiring” an interview show that showcases ways to live intentionally to reach the aspirations you have for your “Dream Life”.

Lorrel resides in Canada and is happily married for over 25 years. She admits that as a couple “we’re still chasing each other around the house.” She attributes her energy and sharp awareness to being conscious about nourishing the body and mind. When she’s not serving clients, you will find her joyfully working in the garden, on the water on her paddleboard, doing yoga, and cooking up something deliciously plant-based.