I have a Vision…

I’ve been given an opportunity, a second chance I feel, to live my life fully, with great health, and a new perspective.

I’ve learned an invaluable skill. It’s a tool I use every day in my personal life and in my business.  It keeps me in alignment with my higher self. It guides me to continue to live with energy, excitement, and youthfulness. It’s a tool I use to attract the people I want in my life and I want to teach it to as many people as I can reach.

My Vision:
To teach as many entrepreneurs as I can reach, about their Client Attractor Factor.
-have vitality in every moment
-take the pain & feeling of “life is happening to you” to participating fully
-no longer feel like a victim to circumstance or the outside world
-feel Energized, alive and successful
-have a business that say’s “This is me!”
My mission:
To help as many entrepreneurs and small business owners as possible, to create profit, doing what they love. To serve at a higher level, make more money while working less and loving their lives more!

Are you with Me?

Can I share with you…

My Journey to Living a Healthy, Effervescent Life Wasn't Easy

I have always loved being in business. I’ve worked in several industries and have been so inspired by the concept of being an entrepreneur. I’m an out of the box thinker and I love talking strategy. I also love tech! No one is more surprised than myself. Learning tech helped me to rewire my brain and make me a better problem solver in my business and in my life. I believe we’re all capable of working automation into our business to reach more clients and in fact it’s a better and easier way to be in business.

I’m really just a ….

Paddle boarding, yoga living, plant-based food loving, tech nerd.

That pretty well sums me up but those who are close to me also know…

I love my man…

25 years married and we’re still chasing each other around the house. It takes a lot of energy to keep up with that, and with that awareness we act consciously to nourish our bodies and our minds.

We are high level conscious about our health. We invest in our body mind connection continually. When I’m not serving clients, I’m happiest in the garden, on the water or in the kitchen.

And Coco & Asia

are the loves of my life. Larry already knows.
I’m also mom to Chloe’ and Sydney.
They’ve long since moved away from home to follow their own life path.

Body Language Communication
I’ve dedicated my life to teaching…

I call it ‘sacred’ because the messages your body is sending,
are your connection to your inner world, your soul.
I’m honored that I’ve been the guide for many as they make the sacred
connection to their inner world. Their Body Mind Connection.

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