Lorrel Elian

Client Attraction Queen

Lorrel Elian


Understanding the Essence of Client Attraction

Lorrel Elian has a unique and talented way of addressing the entrepreneur’s blind spots of physical and habitual patterns that hinder success in their business and their personal life. She begins with an expert assessment to display a “mirror of truth” for her clients and then serves them by revealing impactful solutions for long term success and profitability.

Most people are not aware that – THEY are their biggest blind spot.

Lorrel has been the KEY to unlocking what holds people back from truly achieving their goals.

Lorrel Elian is Specialized in Somatic Solutions and Attraction Analytics

You may have not heard of these terms before…
Somatic Face Readings & Attraction Analytics

But they are a part of how you live your life EVERY day.

Not having awareness of these practices may just be the things that are creating unseen obstacles in your life.

Lorrel has made it her mission to educate as many people as possible about these powerful tools for success.

READY TO LEARN? It Will Change Your Life!

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Certified & Insured Therapist

Internationally Accredited & Verified Teacher of Psychosomatic Therapy

Understanding what messages your body language is communicating gives you a deeper connection to your clients and those around you.

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