Lorrel Elian

Life Mastery Mentor

Life Mastery and is about clearing away the unseen obstacles that are blocking your Body – Mind Optimum functioning.
You’re meant to be an adventurer.
You’re designed to have challenges in your life.
You’re not supposed to take a back seat, to watch life pass you by.
Here, you will discover the purpose your challenges serve to discover there than randomness pain & struggle.

You’re meant for more
The clues are in your environment.

The more you ignore the signs, the more challenging, even painful your life can become. Premature aging, depression, addictions….
Your body is the key to receiving and understanding the information.

The answers are
already in you.

I didn’t realize that everything I was struggling with was directly
linked to my environment, past and present.
The beliefs and habits that formed me,
created my personality, and my pain.
That this could all be explained helped me heal and create a new life.

What’s going on around you creates:
– who you are
– what your life looks like
– what you look like

Many will say it’s the “conditioning” from your life. It’s more than that.
What I’ve discovered isn’t fully realized by most therapists and many just don’t know. Unless you work with clients in a controlled, isolated environment, free from the chaos, pollution and constant chatter of the outside world as I have.
For over a decade I consciously worked with clients in a chemical free, healing environment environment for up to 12 days.
The process was very specific so they could experience an emotional breakthrough and rediscover their body mind connection.
I am now sharing with the world how this works, and why it’s key to being free of generational trauma, phobias and addictions that block you on your life path..
I discovered the truth about the chaos and distractions that keep you off balance.

Unravel the story behind the pain in your body & relationships,
and you’ll discover a new way of using your mind and living your life.
If I could do it, so can you!