Specializing in teaching small business owners, entrepreneurs how to turn what they love, into a profitable lifestyle of choice. My unique system teaches you how to remove the obstacles that have been blocking you.
Imagine doing what you love, and getting paid for it.


Create  Your Own Profitable Lifestyle Business

What most people are searching for is a way out of the routine of the hectic, often stressful, 9-5.
Are you tired of:
-building someone else's business?
-toxic work environments
- having to ask for time off, then being denied

  versus freedom to choose your own work hours & to travel                                     where & when you want.  

For more than a decade, I've been teaching personal & professional development to small business owners. Authors, athletes, yoga teachers, entrepreneurs who want more from life than a J.O.B.  I learned how to turn the passion I have for sharing the therapy that saved my life, into a lifestyle business. It's allowed me to leave my crazy boss behind and travel the world, working from anywhere I choose. 
 I love walking alongside clients, as they create & produce their first steps to their lifestyle business, doing what they love.
Tech & strategy are easy to learn, it really is! Where people are usually blocked is their mindset.  I'm an internationally accredited teacher of body language communication since 2012, and an entrepreneur for 30 years. Now, more than ever, you need to be online in some capacity.   I help people to identify & remove their blockages so they can move forward, to create a profitable lifestyle business that allows them to live a life they love. The only thing blocking you from earning passive income is the story you've created. You might be afraid to put yourself out there. You might think no one will listen to you or want to pay you. I guarantee that isn't true! Mindset + easy to apply strategy are the formula.


Searching for your next step? Wanting to remove the blockages preventing you from moving forward? Hop on a Discovery Call with Lorrel

I have seen, after the many years in working with entrepreneurs, that how you are in your business, is how you are in your personal life.  Struggles people have in one area, show up in other areas. My approach is holistic. Your desire for business success will come through your personal habits and self-identity.       

 "How you do anything, is how you do everything"

Having good self-care habits nourish your body, your mind, and your business.  I strongly believe it's part of the success formula.   I have a decade of case studies showing the results of what happens when people introduce healthy practices to their everyday routines. 

Overall, the results were dramatic:

-behaviors were improved
-sleep patterns 
-productivity improved 
-creativity opened up
-cooperation, anxiety & stress was reduced improved
-body shape changed(weight loss)



Strategy and proven methods will take you to your next level.

One of the best strategies is to network. 

Don't just go out & hand out your business card.  Go out to locations, meetings, events that are out of your normal circle of influence and engage!
   Meet new people, ask them about their lives. Find out what they do. Ask for their card!  People want to feel understood, so listen to what they're saying instead of telling them what you do. you'll learn more than you imagined.