Discover the Profound truth
of  Who you are and Why You’re here

We’re in a new era that demands we “know” who we are
Your body is one of key tools for your journey


You’re searching for the tools to finally get out of this crazy loop that has you caught in a cycle of narcissistic relationships that leave you feeling Insignificant, lacking confidence, wondering who you are and why you’re here. Too often you’ve been betrayed by those you trusted, even loved.
You’re willing to do the work but so far nothing has really changed.


Step into the role you were born to live.
Every experience you’ve lived till now has not been random.
The truth of who you are and why you’re here is in your DNA. 
Science has proven that your DNA is map to your past. The struggles you’ve dealt with are your human journey.
The clues to overcoming them are in your DNA too.
The most exciting part of life is that your story is not written in stone, or blood. You can rewrite it.

I didn’t realize that everything I was struggling with was directly
linked to my environment, past and present.
The beliefs and habits that formed me,
created my personality, and my pain.
I discovered inside of my emotional and physical pain was also the solution.
I used what I learned to heal my body mind connection and create a new life.
The results were surprising and not anything my therapists or Drs said was possible.
Unravel the story behind the pain in your body & relationships,
and you’ll discover the truth of who you are and why you’re here.

There is a deep connection between the body and the mind that isn’t well known. On my path to healing my body, I cracked the code and discovered the
Body Mind Intersection.
The Body Mind Intersection is when you take all your life experiences, what you understand about yourself, and combine all of that with the question of who you are.

What is it in your everyday routine that has you struggling. Are you happy with where you live, and the work you do? 
If life is uncomfortable, these are clues from your Soul, trying to get your attention.
There is no more time hesitate. This is the time we have all been searching for. 
It is time for you to wake up to the truth of who you are and why you’re here.
You’ve heard it time and time again, the path to awakening is directly connected to your body.
I’ve dedicated my life to sharing that message as it was revealed to me through my own healing journey.
Discovering the truth of who I am.
Every single challenge, struggle, health issue to the tiniest of realizations, all came back to my mind body connection.
That is, what was happening physically, emotionally and spiritually in my life and body based on how I reacted and felt about what I was thinking. 
This is different than the state I prefer to be in, which is conscious and aware through the Body Mind Connection. The body mind connection is when you are conscious responding to what is happening around you: physically, emotionally at a soul level.

What’s happening around you creates:
Who you are
What your life looks like
Even what You look like!

Many will say it’s the conditioning from your childhood, or can pinpoint a traumatic event that impacted and shaped their life. These events do shape how your life and you look, although, what’s happening around you 24/7 are always affecting you, whether you’re aware of it or not.
You can reshape your body and your life by tuning in and becoming aware of your environment, inside and out. 

Are you constantly dealing with same situations in your life, the same drama?
DO you recognize patterns with the people and relationships you attract?
Are you fulfilled in your career, or maybe you’re still searching for that dream job?
Are you doing the inner work and still find yourself in relationships with narcissistic spouses, bosses who take advantage of you.
Tired of feeling betrayed, ignored or abused? Feel like no one understands you?
What if there was a deeper meaning for the struggle? What if your pain was designed to help you decipher your life?
Your environment is a crucial part of your success and health.
The solution to all your problems, is to discover your correct environment so you can  bridge your inner world with your outer world.
If this is rings true for you, you have likely found your Body Mind Intersection

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